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Dang Trang
1 : your name : Dang Trang
2: birthday and year of birth: August 5, 2002
3: Language: English, Chinese, Japanese: English, Chinese
4: height and weight: 1m65 48kg
5: Where do you live now: Hai Phong
6: hometown: Hai Phong
7: Education level: university
8: Job: office worker
9: Hobbies: art
10: Religion: none
11: do you have tattoos? Are not
12: Marital status: read body
13: Do you have children? Are not
14 : What do you expect from your husband? GOOD PERSONALITY, with the will to progress
She is now in Vietnam
If you are interested in this girl.
Please come to my office for more details.
Thank you. Linda

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